Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Do you have a digitally-based course (made up of printed material, audios and videos) that you offer in your online business? Maybe it is on a very focused topic and contains just one or two modules, or it might be a how-to course that takes 7 months to complete. Either way, you’ll want to put it inside a membership site, and set it up to go for a definite number of weeks or months.

This time-limited membership model is known as a micro-continuity model. It doesn’t have to be a course, it just has to have a pre-determined end to the membership! Maybe you want to start a paid membership 소액결제현금화  site that offers tips about your dog’s first litter of pups. Let’s call it ‘Caring For Your Pregnant Dog’ and it’s full of insights and carpet-saving information that your members will love.

By definition, if you are talking about caring for your pregnant dog, your membership period should last no longer than about 60 days, as the gestation periods for most dogs is between 59 and 63 days. Each week or two you can offer new information about what to expect as the gestation period progresses. Since this is about a two month period, you might let people pay you each month, every two weeks, or even set just one up-front payment.

You don’t have to lock members out after the membership is over. You can offer them continued access to the material in your micro-continuity site. Then, if you update the site with new content, or if important new information comes out on your topic, you can just add it to the membership site and let your past and current members know it’s there. This is a great way to create loyal members.

An underutilized benefit of using the micro-continuity model is that you can offer another paid membership site at the end of the first one. In this example, a logical next step would be to start a paid membership site about how to successfully raise newborn puppies – ‘Raising Healthy Puppies’. It would take the owner from the birth of the puppies to the time when they are ready to leave the litter, often at 8 to 10 weeks of age. So, another 2 to 3 month membership site! And if your customers loved the information you provided in the first site, they are very likely to join your second one.

Just start letting the members of ‘Caring for Your Pregnant Dog’ know about your next course about two weeks before the end of the first course. Give a few highlights of what you will cover in the next course, and talk about the benefits your members (and the mom and puppies) will receive as a result, and you should have no trouble getting members for your second ‘Raising Healthy Puppies’ course.


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